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Giantour Corporation Limited was founded in 1996 initially, and now we are industries holding corporation from Jan. 2013. We are exporting our products manufactured by our own factory of our Giantour Corporation.
We manufacture and export autoparts for vehicles, and parts for motorcycle with bicycle, such as wheels(including tires and rims), filters, innertubes, excavators’ rubber tracks, bucket teeth and locking pins, also rubber parts for industrial and agricultural use, and agricultural machinery along with farm tools and parts.
Now we are located in Ningbo, a port city in East China. Our 16 salesmen team is specialized in international services to supply our products worldwide.
Each product from our factory is strongly guaranteed, our warranty is on each product by viewing our website for it.
Our manufactured products are as below:
1.Wheels for vehicles: tires and rims and their accessories.
  All steel radial OTR tire tyre
  Bias nylon OTR tire tyre
  All steel radial truck trailer tire tyre
  Bias nylon truck trailer tire tyre
  Agricultural tractor trailer tire tyre
  Industrial forklift solid tire tyre
  High floatation farming forestry tire tyre
  ATV scooter lawn mover tire tyre
  Motorcycle tire tyre
  Bicycle tire tyre
  Natural rubber innertube butyl rubber innertube and flap for tire tyre
  Valves for tire tyre
  OTR steel wheel rim and parts
  Agricultural steel wheel rim and parts
  Truck trailer steel wheel rim and parts
  ATV scooter lawn mover steel wheel rim and parts
  Wheel bolt and nut key and balance weight
  Tire repair patches tyre plugs

2.Parts for excavators: rubber tracks and tooth and bucket and their accessories.
  Rubber tracks for excavator
  Rubber pads for excavator rubber tracks
  Bucket teeth for excavator bucket
  Locking pins for excavator bucket
  Adapter for excavator bucket teeth
  Cutting edge bit end for excavator bucket

3.Rubber parts: rubber spare parts, rubber products for industrial and agricultural usage.
  Rubber parts for industrial and agricultural use
  Rubber spare parts for autoparts
  Rubber separator
  Rubber roller
  Rubber sheet
  Rubber pad
  Rubber fender
  Rubber spring rubber shock absorber

4.Auto filter: air filter, oil filter, fuel filter for vehicles.
  Dump truck filters
  Wheel loader filters
  Excavator filters
  ATV scooter lawn mover filters
  Motorcycle filters
  Tractor filters
  Forklift filters

5.Agricultural machinery and farm tools: disc plow, disc harrow.
  Agricultural disc plow disc plough
  Agricultural disc harrow farm cultivator
  Agricultural machinery parts
  Plow plough disc blade
  Harrow disc blade


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